This website will teach you:

  • what mistakes to avoid when setting up a Ghost blog
  • which tutorial is better to use
  • what is missing in some of the tutorials

NOTE: Many of the articles may be too rudimentary for seasoned web masters but are included anyway as I still think there is a large amount of regular folks' that could benefit from them

The site is also sprinkled with many tips & tricks that hopefully will make your experience of setting up Ghost better.

Before setting something up on Ghost, you should search for an article regarding the topic on this web site first. e.g.

How do I set up email functionality on ghost?

You do this to avoid mistakes, be better prepared and have more background information before you start following any tutorials

NOTE: Most articles are centered around self-hosting Ghost.

By no means is this site a substitute to existing online support for Ghost. But it is a helpful complement.

You can also always give me a shout-out here: Contact Me!

I get around 75 questions every single day, and I do my best to respond to them on the same day. If I miss your question/email, and don’t respond within 3 days, feel free to shoot me another – things can get lost, after all...

Why did you make this web site?

Because I like to help people and I was building a Ghost Blog anyway so I though I'd share my experience - see the page Why did you build this Ghost web site for a more thorough answer

To learn more about Ghost where should I go?

You should definitely check out these resources:

If you are serious about Ghost and really want to learn a lot, you should also look into supporting Ghost by buying this Ghost Book
(With each sale, 15% of the revenue will be donated directly to the Ghost Foundation)

What theme is this web site made with?

I am glad you asked. It is made with Mapache-godofredo

How can you afford keeping this blog up for free?

Well, basically the referral programs that are in place on this site, not only give you some extra credit with various services, (e.g. free hosting and other goodies), but at the same time they also help keep this web site up.