What is this functionality used for and why do we set it up?

Many people nowadays want to make a quick profile pic that is round. Often though, they don't have design software like Photoshop installed on their computers.

This post teaches you how to use an app that is already installed on your Macbook. It is called Preview and using it, you'll be able to make round profile images in less than 30 seconds. You can then apply your new image on your Ghost blog. (or anything else for that matter)


  • The recommended OSX app to use is the built-in app, Preview
  • This will not work on a windows computer as Windows doesn't have the Preview app installed


We'll take this cute profile image [square image]

Image example of our Ghost blog logo

and turn it into this nice round profile image (in less than 30 seconds)

Image example of our Ghost blog logo but now it is round

Ok, let's do it!

(1a) By double clicking any image on your computer, you should be able to open it in Preview. But if that doesn't work then just search for your Preview app How to find and run the Preview app

(1b) Open your image with the Preview app Opening an image with the Preview app

NOTE: Make sure to always have a backup of your source image, in case something goes wrong and you want to start over.

(2) Once the image is opened in Preview, look at the Preview toolbar and turn on the toolbox by clicking this icon Toolbox icon

(3) Look for the round lasso tool Round lasso tool

(4) Draw a circle where you want a round version of your image Draw a circle

TIP: Hold down the SHIFT key to make an even and perfect circle!

(5) Now we will crop the pic to remove all the unwanted areas by clicking the 'crop' button crop the profile image

TIP: You can also use the keyboard shortcut '⌘K' key to crop the image faster

(6) Voilà, your round profile image is done! profile image is done

(7) Save and you can start using your new round profile image anywhere you want save the profile image



Preview is also excellent to use when wanting to make image annotations. Have a look around in the toolbox to find other useful tools you can use to manipulate your images with.
The toolbox selection


Of course, there are other ways to make round profile images. You can use various image software to accomplish the same thing. And there is online services now that you can use. One popular platform independent service many people seem to use is: PicMonkey
(Perfect if you are on a Windows computer and don't have a Mac around)

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