What is this used for?

It is used to allow your users to comment on your posts and it integrates nicely with most social media sites e.g. Facebook.

Why set up this functionality?

If you have this installed on your web site you'll give your users a way to comment on your posts and and if you choose to integrate with the commenting platform Disqus, you won't have to spend any time building the code to manage anything. Disqus does that for you.


  • The recommended service to use is Disqus
  • It is FREE.
  • You can use any email address to setup an account at Disqus
  • Don't worry, your personal email address will never show up for anyone to see

Ok, let's do it!

Follow this tutorial that is pretty straight forward:
Ghost for Beginners - How to enable comments on Ghost


PICKING NAME - When Disqus asks you for your website name, think carefully before picking a name because this will be used to uniquely identify your website on Disqus. It cannot be changed. Just pick a short name for your web site and try to avoid spaces in the name. (I picked LearnGhost to describe this website)

BUILT IN COMMENTS IN THEME - If the theme you have chosen for your Ghost blog has the code for Disqus already built in, (not the Casper theme), then you may need to create a Disqus Public API Key that the theme will need to embed comments properly. After logging into your Disqus account a key can be created on this page



Sometimes people make a great comment and you'd like to use it in your posts. The wonderful Disqus folks have created an easy way for you of doing that. Follow the instructions on this page

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