Using the Ghost Markdown Editor is a dream

But every now and then, users get into some minor snafus with the Ghost Editor so below I list the questions and answers I have stumbled upon by looking around the web.

Markdown is not working

"The text doesn't appear in Bold after publishing even if I use the markdown **text**, I need to know how to resolve it."


Sometimes the markdown editor gets confused, it has happened to me too. Try to add a blank line before and after **text** and see what happens.
Basically isolate the markdown text you are trying to implement. Once you got it working, remove the blank lines. And this doesn't just happen with **text** - above has happened to me with the image tag [](http://), Blockquote tag and other markdown tags.

The solution is always the same, just isolate the offending part and then slowly remove any extra blank lines

Using key press to switch input fields in the editor

"After entering a post title, press I'd like to press Enter / Return on the keyboard to move focus to the post content"


Have you tried pressing the 'Tab' key ?
In my Ghost Editor, when I am finished entering a post title, I press Tab on the keyboard and that moves the focus to the post content.

Want text directly underneath

"Sometimes when I make a header in my content I don't want to have a space and instead would like the next line of text to be directly underneath."


Traditionally on most system you accomplish this by pressing 'shift+enter' key but for some reason that doesn't work in the Ghost markdown editor

Instead add the html tag <br> at the end of your line and that will force next line of text to come right after with no space

NOTE: this also depends on how the CSS was crafted for your theme. If you find the trick not working it is most likely because of how your theme was made